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Online reviews: an efficient way to promote your business

Ryan Mallory


Apr. 4, 2021

One night I was sitting with my wife and watching her shop online. A few months ago, we had finished remodeling our basement, and now we’re looking for furniture as well as other accessories to decorate our new space. My wife didn’t know where to start, so she did what all of us do. That’s to Google the items we’re looking to buy.

As my wife is scanning her options, I noticed something she did on every product, and that was to check online reviews. It didn’t matter if the featured product was from Amazon, Wayfair, or even Overstock, once she saw the product, she immediately checked the reviews.

This behavior is typical for us. The Internet has always favored the consumer, and checking online reviews is one of the many essential steps that buyers use to determine whether they move forward with a product or service.

How do your reviews stack up?

So, my question to you, how are your online reviews? Do you have any responses? If so, are they good or bad? Do you have any reviews at all?  Go ahead and Google your company, I’ll still be right here.

What did you find? I hope positive reviews and plenty of them. If you didn’t find any reviews or worse, you found negative reviews. Don’t panic. There are options.

Do it yourself

One of the easiest ways to get more reviews is to encourage your customers to leave more comments about your products or services. We can achieve this goal by guiding customers to Google your company. These patrons can look for your Google business and click the ‘Submit a Review’ button.

Now you can be creative on the ways you encourage customers to leave a review. You can create a Facebook or Twitter posting for customers to leave a comment. You can have business cards encouraging them to leave a review on Google. Your email signatures can have a link at the bottom to guiding customers to leave a comment. These are all excellent options, but as many of us have realized we all live busy lives, and no matter what we do, this never gets done. What do you do?

Reputation Management Program

At Neomark, we offer a reputation management program that effectively allow more reviews to post on your Google business page. How is this accomplished? We create a variety of platforms for your customers to post fantastic reviews about your business.

After your customer’s transaction, we create an automated process that reminders your buyers to leave positive reviews about your company’s product or service. Here’s an excellent benefit with this program. Let’s say a customer leaves a negative review about a bad experience they had, the beauty with this program, once you know the problem, and you can rectify the issue. In most cases, your customer can go back to the original review and edit the comment to give your business a positive review.

With our reputation management program, you get more reviews with better results. Many of these reviews can quickly circulate on social mediums as well as your website, thus boosting SEO and brand awareness through many platforms.

In the end, it’s a win-win. Your customers win because they received the service they required, and you win by letting future patrons know that serving is your top priority. To learn more about our reputation program, please contact us today.