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Put the purchasing power in your customer’s hands

Ryan Mallory


Sep. 15, 2021

When it comes to the marketing or selling process, we often hear of the sales funnel concept. For those who don’t know or need a quick refresher, the sales or purchase funnel is a theoretical marketing model that guides a new patron through a customer journey, with the ultimate goal to buy your product(s) or service(s).

Below are the steps we take at Neomark Digital Solutions. You may see many variations of these concepts from other firms and academic classes, but we use this process when establishing and evaluating our client’s campaigns.

Back in the days when traditional marketing was king, this process was fairly linear. The customer acquisition process would start with awareness and go through the action/post-action phases. But just like everything else, digital technologies came along and disrupted the customer journey process.

Yes, we still have these five stages, but today they’re not in a logical or linear order. The buyer may go through the awareness, interest, and desire process, and then they leave. Later on, they may remember your product in the awareness stage, then jump to the desire phase, and leave again. Back-and-fourth then one day, your patron reads an article or a review, and “boom,” they go right to the action and post-action phase to purchase the product.

In the end, the buyer chooses the process, not you. Your promotions need to serve on multiple levels and not just with one promotion. Your promotions are now a campaign, and they reach your audience through various mediums such as Google Ads, informative websites, landing pages, remarketing, email sign-ups and distributions, and more.

Targeting promotions with each step of the process helps ensure that the customer journey remains fluid and puts the purchasing power in your customer’s hands, increasing the likelihood they will do business with you in the near future.

To some, the customer journey process may seem a bit overwhelming when having the right digital promotions. Contact Neomark today, and we can schedule a free 30-minute Zoom appointment with you to discuss how we can apply these strategies to your business. Also, to learn more about our discovery process, please click here.