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When evaluating our promotions, sometimes our ego needs to be checked at the door

Ryan Mallory


Jan. 29, 2023

As I have mentioned, writing for our blog is a bit of marketing therapy. I hope that viewers reading this content can get a snippet or inkling of additional information to help them with their digital or print promotions — thus growing their business or organization.

The event that led to this article was with our digital conversion marketer and promotion adviser, where we showed off our latest projects and talked through our strategies for the next three months. During our conversation, our marketer kept emphasizing the need to focus more on our customers and worry less about the nitty-gritty details behind the product features.

Furthermore, these promotions need to be positive and get your patrons to say “yes” while providing a clear call to action will generate results. That’s excellent advice!

I get it — it’s hard. We have invested so much in our business that sometimes, we forget we’re here to serve or solve a problem.

Focusing on the ambitions of your customers is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. The key to focusing on what matters most is to remember that it’s not about achieving your own goals but rather understanding and aligning with the individual needs of each customer you’re targeting.

Do they have a particular problem that needs solving? Are they looking for something specific that will make their lives easier?

By understanding your targeted customer’s desires and goals, you can craft messages that will resonate with them on a deeper level. As a bonus, if customers feel that you truly understand their needs, it can help build trust and make it more likely for them to act on your marketing.

Additionally, when crafting content or ads, focus on showing how you can help your customers become successful instead of just talking about the features of your product.

I understand many of you are reading this article are thinking, I know this, “you’re stating the obvious.” And you’re probably right, but we all need that gentle reminder from time to time.

What often happens is that business owners get so wrapped up in their own goals and vision that they fail to consider the individual needs of their customers and how their products can help them succeed. Focusing more on your customer’s ambitions than your own helps establish trust, making it much easier for them to act on your marketing messages. By keeping the needs of each customer in mind when crafting content or ads, you can create marketing campaigns that will truly resonate with those audiences and have a more significant impact on sales conversions. Remember, the key to successful marketing is understanding and aligning with our customer’s headaches and “checking” our egos at the door.