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Our six-step approach is a vital part of our digital success

Building websites that connect is hard! That’s why we go through a thorough six-step process to ensure that your website meets the precise needs that communicate directly with your customer. Below is our six-step approach.

Step One

We listen and ask questions

At our first meeting, you’ll be doing the talking. We will learn about your company, your products or services, your headaches, your goals, and most importantly, your customers. In the beginning stages of our process, it’s more about asking the right questions, fact-finding, and discovering who your target customers or clients are and how to communicate to their needs.

Step Two

We research and present our findings

After our meeting, we begin to create a plan based on the data we have collected. During this stage of the process, we will be storyboarding ideas, creating mood boards, designing initial comps, and figuring out the best way to tell your story. Once those components are designed, we will present our findings and lay out our timetable for completion, our pricing structure, and our coding and test process.

Step Three

We create stunning content and design

Now comes the content creation phase. At Neomark we firmly believe that content is king. During this process, we work with some of the best talent available from writers, designers, photographers, videographers, and proofers to make sure your content clearly communicates your message to your audience. Once revisions have been made by the client and all of the content is approved, we move on to the coding phase.

Step Four

We code your digital solution

At Neomark we don’t believe in pre-made anything. Our content and code are original. We don’t purchase bloated WordPress templates — absolutely not! All of our web products are custom-coded to specifically meet your customer’s user experience. Depending on the complexities of the digital products, coding can take between 3 and 6 weeks to complete. All of our code adheres to the best coding practices as specified by W3C.

Step Five

We test, review, and launch your product

All right, we’re almost there. Once the coding phase is nearing completion, we will begin testing our digital products to make sure your website accurately renders across all modern desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we will reach out to you and make any last-minute changes or adjustments that need to be made. Upon launch, we will work to propagate your website and make sure your site is indexing correctly through search engines.

Step Six

We accelerate through digital marketing

It is not feasible to build an amazing digital platform that interacts with and connects to your audience about your products or services and then simply do nothing and expect it to be a success. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. All digital platforms need to be optimized to help reach their desired results. This is where digital marketing kicks in — we accelerate the website’s exposure to your target audience. From content strategy to SEO, from blog postings to social media advertising, our job is to reach and connect to your core customer and get the results that you have forecasted.