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Solve problems and improve efficiency with a custom web app

Have an idea for a web application? Run into a problem with your website? Neomark provides complete, full-stack programming services to help serve your customer's precise needs or solve any issues you may be having.

Whether you're an entrepreneur that needs a specific project completed or you're a front-end developer that requires additional backend help. At Neomark, we provide full-stack services that address your website and coding needs.

Do you have a vision to build a vital web tool that could serve your customers' demands? Or maybe you're experiencing technical issues ranging from WordPress plugin headaches, slow loading times, database issues, JavaScript errors, and more. Rest assured, at Neomark, if you have an idea or run into a problem, we have you covered.

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Our technical areas of expertise include HTML/CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, SQL databases, and more. Below are a few case studies about how we have served our clients.

Touché Lighting Control

Our challenge with this project was to allow products from the client's internal database to integrate with the website. With the old system, every time a product was changed/added in the internal database, that exact change had to be manually completed on the website as well.

The old method was a hassle to maintain, not to mention it wasted hours of time that could have been spent elsewhere. We solved this problem by custom coding a solution that allowed the website to communicate with the client's internal system. This made it so that products on the website were automatically updated or added when changes were made internally.

We also gave the client the ability to add featured products, videos, and resources. These changes allowed for a smoother workflow and increased productivity since time was no longer wasted while maintaining two different systems.

Technical knowledge

  • Custom WordPress design/theme
  • PHP and MySQL
  • JavaScript

Stone Consulting

With this interactive application called the “Nonprofit Strategy Zones,” we were able to help our client achieve something that he had dreamt about for years. He wanted to provide an easy way for nonprofits to maximize their potential and find ways to improve their programs' effectiveness. We created an app that allowed users to input the findings of their organization.

The results from this tool provide valuable feedback to users on how to improve their programs. The app allows users to receive an email report based on their results.

The moral of the story, if you can dream it, we can help you build it!

Technical knowledge

  • PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript programming
  • Dynamic PDF report
  • Custom coded email template

Spiritual Gifts Survey

This project was in partnership with Wolf Media. They reached out to us because they needed help improving efficiency and fixing issues with a custom system created for them. The developer who had initially made the system was no longer available, so they needed someone to step in and troubleshoot/fix numerous website issues.

Troubleshooting and fixing code that you aren't familiar with is not easy, but our talented programmers were up for the challenge. One of the main problems was that many of the site pages were loading very slowly due to a large database and inefficient code. We were able to improve the page load times dramatically.

Some of the screens were taking over a minute to load. After making improvements to the code, we were able to get the load times down to just a couple of seconds! Along with the speed improvements, we also fixed several bugs and added additional functionality to the site. The system now runs much smoother than it did before, and the client couldn't be happier with the changes we've made.

Technical knowledge

  • PHP and MySQL
  • JavaScript

Regional Chamber of Northeast Indiana

This client came to us because their old hosting company had become unresponsive. As a result, they were no longer able to update their website. We were hired to rebuild the site from scratch based on the old design. One particular issue was transferring all of the blog articles. The problem arose because there was no easy way to export the blog posts and then import them to the new site. Re-creating each blog post would have been time-consuming. It also opened up the possibility that errors could be made while copying them over.

To solve this problem, we wrote a script that would automatically copy all posts from the old site over to the new site. This solution allowed us to speed up the project's timeline and reduced errors while creating the articles.

Technical knowledge

  • Custom WordPress design/theme
  • PHP

Meet our Senior Developer,
Ben Scheribel

Ben Scheribel

Ben is our senior full-stack developer and partner at Neomark Digital Solutions. He has technical skills focusing on PHP, WordPress, SQL/Database Programming, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS. Ben has over 15 years of experience in the web programming industry.

A little about Mr. Scheribel: he was not born in the U.S. but on a military base in Okinawa, Japan. Ben and his family soon moved back to the States, where a family friend showed him some computer “stuff.” And instantly, he was hooked. Ben obtained a degree in web development, design, and programming from the Indiana Institute of Technology. In Ben's spare time, he can be found playing basketball or watching NBA games (yes, he's a Lakers and Lebron fan).

Before deciding to hang up his corporate hat to become an entrepreneur, Ben's previous employers included BF Goodrich, Xymmetrix, and Sweetwater Sound. To see some of his work, please visit whiskered.dev.

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